Universal Surface Mounting System

Our Surface Mount Poles have recently been added as a new product available in our Strong Poles stock over the last few months. These poles can be mounted in many different ways.
One way you can mount this pole is upside down under building eaves. You could also mount it sideways from building faces or even bridges to provide multiple faces for mounting cameras, sensors or antennas.
They are available in 15” and 30” tall (not counting the 1/4″ thick aluminum base) which makes mounting them very easy.
This Mounting System can be used with any of the Strong Pole attachments such as our Fly-Over, Fly-Out, Birdhouse 8×10, 6×6 Junction Box and etc. You can click here to view these attachments and more: https://www.strongpoles.com/platforms-accessories/
The base on this pole has a 3” opening to allow conduit, cables, fiber optic, etc to pass through.  And the cap can be removed for mounting an attachment.
See below for an example of our Surface Pole mounted on a flat roof coupled with a Fly-Out Mount that has a PTZ camera hanging over a parapet wall. This is a very common use of our Universal Surface Mounting System.
Click here for more information on our unique Surface Mount Poles: https://www.strongpoles.com/universal-surface-mounting-system/
hotel Parapet 150x150 - Universal Surface Mounting System