fence guard scaled - Fence-Guard

SteadyMax Pole Attachment

Designed to aid Camera Analytics down fence or property lines

When monitoring a fence line, property line, or perimeter areas, it is vitally important that the cameras be as steady as possible for the Camera Analytics to work efficiently without a lot of errors and false alarms.

That’s where the rock-solid performance of the SteadyMax Poles and camera PTZ attachments come in. No other pole and attachments can match our steady, rigid performance under heavy loads and strong winds.

The Fence-Guard Attachment was developed to help guard a High-Security Facility. This attachment was designed to aim cameras down a fence line in both directions (or even at corners), and can also hold a PTZ Camera if needed. It was also designed to thwart someone from throwing a grapple and snagging it (hence – the downward angle and closed-off openings).

Most often used at a lower 12′-16′ height to hover over a fence line, in conjunction with an LED Area Light to come on when the Analytics is triggered (see pictures for common uses).

How to Use with Fences:

Many times, customers in High-Security areas may be using a High-Security fence. These are excellent deterrents and have qualities typical fences do not have. Their high-tensile design may transmit sounds and frequencies that could affect the performance of cameras and the analytics being used.

Also, these fence systems are usually more tightly woven than many fencing types, so cameras and poles need to be set apart from the fence structures. Winds can easily catch these fence structures and vibrate any fence pole attached.

For this reason, Strong Poles recommends that our SteadyMax poles be set back 3 feet from the fence line. So the Fence-Guardattachment is designed to reach out 3 feet from the pole center (32 inches from the pole edge), to hover over the fence structure – but not be a part of any vibrations and wind-induced movement that the fence may incur.

This is yet another way to guarantee that your cameras are as rock-solid and steady as they can be.

The Fence-Guard Attachment is attached with two large 5/8” U-Bolts and pole clamps that lock to the pole and will not move. The attachment also uses durable gussets at the base to ensure that the attachment does not sway or have any movement.

The two-camera mount circles on each side of the end-mounted Junction Box (with gasketed cover), are 6 inches in diameter to allow almost any type of camera to be mounted (1-1/2” access holes are pre-drilled in each disc to allow for cabling access.).

The PTZ Mount is a 1-1/2” NPT male connection (also comes with a joiner with set screws to allow a male to the male attachment), and we also have optional reducers to accommodate any PTZ’s that may have 1” connections (GE, etc.). A cover for the PTZ connection is provided if it will not be used.

The Junction Box that is the structure that any cameras are mounted to is a 3” x 6-1/2” Junction Box that has a gasketed cover that is screwed on. This provides a handy cavity to accomplish all the wiring and connections needed.

This attachment can also be ordered with a pole that has an additional handhole behind it. (some may be in stock already).

To get more information on the bolt-on attachment, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at strongpoles.com