Twin Adapter and Extension

parapet mount w twin adapter and extension - Twin Adapter and Extension

The Twin Adapter and the Extension are two products that can give you more versatility and capability. The parapet accessories can be used together or separately to provide you with the perfect vantage point.

The Extension is used to give you an extra 16-18″ in length, solely designed for the Parapet Mount, and is capable of attaching an additional PTZ or any other device that uses our 1-1/2” NPT fitting. It comes with a jam nut, coupler, and cap plug to help install the equipment.

The Twin Adapter makes it possible to mount two PTZ’s or other devices that use our 1-1/2” NPT fitting. The Twin Adapter is exceptionally versatile and can be used as additions to several of our other mounts. (EX: Fly-OutReacher, etc.). It comes with a jam nut, 2-coupler, and 2-cap plug to help install the equipment.

The Twin Adapter is available in both White and Dark Bronze/Black. The Extension is only available in White.

To get more information on these parapet accessories, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at