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StrongPoles are the leaders in outdoor accessories……

– and –  NOW we are bringing you the NEW INDOOR MOUNTING and SUSPENSION with many “NO DRILL” options.  There are five different types of ceiling mounts to begin designing your suspension components.  Pendant type ceiling mount: This cast aluminum type of support, when used alone, comes complete with concrete anchors if you are attaching your suspension components to a concrete ceiling. You […]

Strong Strut Mounting Bar with Egyptian style 1-1/2″ NPT pipe drop fitting

Strongpoles are the leaders in outdoor accessories – and – now we are bringing you the NEW INDOOR MOUNTING and SUSPENSION with many “NO DRILL” options.  The speaker mounting bars with the threaded Egyptian style pipe drop fitting are perfect when you need to suspend something at a certain height. They are available in a single Strong […]

Strong Strut Mounting Bars with Beam Clamps

Strongpoles are the leaders in outdoor mounting accessories – and – now we are bringing you the NEW INDOOR MOUNTING and SUSPENSION with many “NO DRILL” options.  This type of enclosure mounting bar is perfect for mounting inside big box stores, industrial factories, military bases, churches, or restaurants. They are generally used in pairs on larger and […]

Strong Strut Mounting Bars

Stainless Worm Gear Type Clamps Strongpoles are the leaders in outdoor mounting accessories, and now we are bringing you the NEW INDOOR MOUNTING and SUSPENSION.  These types of mounting bars are perfect for mounting equipment enclosures, cabinets, or devices to round poles or pipes – Indoors or Outdoors Generally used in pairs on larger enclosures or devices, so […]

Cam Blox

No Drill Solutions for Mounting Cameras on Existing Infrastructure “Drill into our Cam Blox, and not your Clients’ Facility.”  These Cam Blox Mounting Platforms will provide everything you need to mount cameras indoors in most tilt-wall and big-box structures. In most cases, in under a minute, you can have a complete Camera Mounting Platform with a built-in […]


Modular Accessory Pedestal Choose from an ever-expanding selection of accessories to mount on the MAP The Top Plate is always the same: a 1-1/2” Threaded Connector with set screws ready to attach to any Pipe Section – either Inline or at the bottom of a string. Choice of 2 Bottom Plates: 1-1/2” Threaded Connector with […]

Strong Poles are the leader in Outdoor Mounting Accessories, now bring you the NEW Indoor Mounting & Suspension

Multi-Purpose 6×8 Box (MP-68) Can be used as a Mounting Platform or Large Junction Box Use it Inline or at the end of String.  This aluminum Multi-Purpose 6×8 inch Box (MP-68) can be used for a variety of purposes.  Here are just a few: – Camera Mount (up to 3 sides – 4th side has […]

Twin Adapter and Extension

The Twin Adapter and the Extension are two products that can give you more versatility and capability. The parapet accessories can be used together or separately to provide you with the perfect vantage point. The Extension is used to give you an extra 16-18″ in length, solely designed for the Parapet Mount, and is capable of attaching an additional […]

Wrap Around Mount

SteadyMax Multi-Camera Mounting Platform Height Adjustable The Wraparound Mounting Platform for SteadyMaxCamera Poles lets installers choose the exact height they need for cameras, sensors, or even antennas. Then, if needed, you can add additional Wraparound Platforms at other heights. If you have cameras, antennas, or lights at the top of the pole, you can have multiple sets […]

Panoramic Camera Mount

Strong Poles has a Panoramic Camera Mount designed to screw onto our stylish “Fly-Over Camera Mount.” This square mount can accommodate virtually any Panoramic camera on the market. The 7” square mounting door on the bottom, swings out to make wiring and installation quick and straightforward. This mount screws onto our Fly-Over Camera Mount or to any 1-1/2” NPT […]