Horizontal Light Tenons

Bolt-On tenons for 5" Light Poles

Horizontal Light Tenons

Strong Poles has designed the most innovative Light Tenons in the Industry. These are the only Tenons available that allow the addition of other accessories and attachments (2 and 3 tenon models).


Some Projects and Pole Lights require a Horizontal Tenon for mounting any kind of lights to a pole. These Horizontal Tenons provide easy mounting and wiring for 2, 3 or 4 Lights per pole.


The built-in Junction Box is extra roomy to not only allow for easy wiring and joins, but also allows for the addition of Antenna Masts and FlyOver PTZ mounts (on 2 and 3 tenon models only). They also have enough room to allow for the addition of POE or other electronic boxes to reside as well.


Each Tenon has a Marine Grade Pyramid Cap that discourages birds from landing or building nests.


Choose the Model of Horizontal Tenon that matches your needs: 2 Lights, 3 lights or 4 lights.

Tenons are 2-3/8″ OD (T20)

Horizontal Tonons

Model SPH-4


Model SPH-3


Model SPH-2