Wrap Around Security Platform

W.A.S.P. – Wrap-Around Security Platform

Strong Poles has designed an amazing Platform for our 5” HD Poles, that can be mounted at any height under the lights, and allows for mounting any type of PTZ or other Camera types with arm mounts (so that the camera lenses and domes are cast downward – no light pollution from the lights above).


Three extra wide 12” x 12” mounting faces make it easy to mount any type of Camera or Sensor to each face, and in some cases, depending on size and form, a Camera and a Sensor to the same face.


The fourth face is the access door, and can be used to mount Equipment cabinets or Enclosures for POE, Fiber, Power Supplies or other types of ancillary equipment. The door can be still be opened with the Equipment Cabinet or Enclosure mounted, and does not require removal to access the inside of the Platform or gain access to the back of the Enclosure or Cabinet.


A truly Innovative design that allows for more than one W.A.S.P. Per pole, or it can be moved to a new height easily.


To mount the W.A.S.P., simply drill an access hole in the side of the pole (not where the back door of the W.A.S.P. Will be placed), for wiring access, then strap on the Platform with the included Stainless Steel Straps. Each W.A.S.P. Platform can hold more than 150 pounds of Cameras, Sensors and Enclosures/Equipment with ease.


When the Platform’s Access Door is closed, all interior wiring and hardware is enclosed.


So remember, don’t mount your Megapixel Cameras so high that you lose pixel density – get it exactly right with the W.A.S.P. Security Platform!