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A purpose-built pole is finally available to mount your security cameras and other security devices.

Strong Poles are made explicitly for surveillance cameras and other security devices. These innovative security camera poles and the modular bolt-on accessories, make up this complete security mounting systems. With several features that have revolutionized the mounting of security cameras and all types of security-related devices — built strong to provide a sturdy, steady security […]

We have the right pole for your project.

Security equipment dealers, Integrators or installers need to have the proper camera pole for their equipment. The best pole for areas like parking lots, wide-area surveillance and long-distance applications is going to be the 20′ SteadyMax Camera Pole. The 20′ SteadyMax Camera Pole is a round tapered pole, and is approximately 8” O.D. at the […]

Are you using our anchor baskets?

It is essential when installing our poles to use our security camera pole anchor basket systems. You want your pole to stay standing for years to come. You have to have the proper foundation, and that starts with the foundation.  The SteadyMax series of poles come with the anchor baskets. For the 25ft and 20ft […]

We here at StrongPoles.com like it when customers share their pictures with us.

Today we would like to say thank you to a few of our customers who took the time to share their photos with us on how they use our products like the security camera poles and top mount accessories.  The first one is where the customer used the Surface Mount Pole and Plate on the […]