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High goals

Nearly 10 years ago we set out to create the most reliable, steady security mounting solutions and we did! With each iteration of our security camera poles the bar was raised opening the door to new opportunities and possibilities. Now, thanks to the relentless pursuit of perfection, you can place a camera in the path of a hurricane and still have reliable, steady footage. No other pole can do that!

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Where it started

StrongPoles was started by security camera professionals that were tired of customers blaming their equipment for poor image quality and malfunctions when it all came down to the poles and mounting equipment they were installing it with. The 4″ Square Pole started it all and is still one of our top sellers because it still out performs any other pole in its class. The unique square design reduces camera shake and universally fits any camera manufacture. With the addition of our add on mounts like, the Fly-Out, and other 4″ Mounting Accesories you have the foundation of a great system!

Where we’re going

We’re not stopping! We are continuing to innovate and create new security mounting solutions and everyday project managers, architects and decision makers everywhere are choosing StrongPoles products to be the solution for their mounting needs.

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