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12′ Florida Pole

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Rated for a Full Camera/Equipment Load under 190 mph winds


Strong Poles has designed a new pole to pass Florida Building Code 2017 Specifications for a 190 MPH Wind Speed.


  This 12′ SteadyMax Pole is the strongest, most rigid pole we have ever made.  This incredible SteadyMax Pole can carry a full load of cameras, cabinets, sensors and antennas, yet still maintains our proprietary 3% movement under 190 mph winds.


So when you need an ultra-rigid SteadyMax pole, get the new Florida Pole.


These engineered camera poles also have a Factory-Installed Vibration Suppression System  (Read More) that consists of two different frequency dampeners that quell high and low frequency vibrations and oscillations that may occur during the life of the pole.


The result is the Steadiest, most rigid pole we have ever built, yet is very lightweight (our 12′ pole weighs only 65 lbs.). This is an amazing Engineering feat to make a pole this steady, yet this lightweight.


It comes with our exclusive 20 Year Warranty, and includes the anchor bolts, anchor template matching Hand Hold Cover, bolt covers and 4 leveling shims.


ANY of our 4” Pole attachments fit the SteadyMax Poles

  • The 12′ SteadyMax Florida Camera Pole is a 6” diameter, non-tapered, heavy wall (.188 thick), aluminum round pole made out of 6063-T6 Aluminum and can be ordered in our usual White or Black (Dark Bronze) Powder Coat finishes.

These SteadyMax Poles are Manufactured in the USA, and are in stock and ready to ship!

See our drawings and Specs for more information.


Pole Drawings & Specifications


Steel Anchor Bolts conform to AASHTO M314-90 Grade 55. The threaded end will be galvanized a minimum of 10″ per ASTM A153 and contain a right angle hook at the unthreaded end.

  1. 1. Strong Poles recommends leveling shims in lieu of leveling nuts. No grouting is required with leveling shims.
  2. 2. If leveling nuts are used, the pole base should be directly supported in full contact by a high quality, structural, non-shrink grout with a minimum 28 day compressive strength of 8,000 psi. All bolt projections shown  are for single nut applications. Different amounts of bolt projection will be required for use with leveling nuts. NOTE: Strong Poles does not recommend double nut installations (See #1), and stilting the pole base with leveling nuts. Leveling nuts interfere with the device’s proper performance,

SteadyMax Pole Top

wire pass through and bolt holes for

accessory mounting

SteadyMax Pole Top

with top cover when no accessories are used.

SteadyMax Pole Base 

Without Cover

SteadyMax Pole Base 

With Covers


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