Start Strong

We all know that a good foundation matters. In fact the Bible tells a story about a wise man that built his house upon a rock and a foolish man who built his house upon sand. Once the storm came only one hose was left standing. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go listen to […]

Spec The Best

Spec Writers

The Only Engineered Solution to Solve Shaky Security Cameras Keep Your Good Reputation You spend countless hours perfecting your projects; ensuring you provide the best solutions to the problems your clients face. Keep your good reputation. Don’t settle for a repurposed light pole or make-shift mount in place of a purpose built security mounting solution. […]

Don’t be Responsible for Specifying a Faulty Product

Don't Specify a Faulty Product

Don’t be like the guy in this horrible stock photo. Don’t be responsible for specifying a faulty product. Save yourself a lot of stress and headache. When choosing the right security mounting equipment don’t settle for just any old pole or makeshift mounting assembly. StrongPoles has tried and true security mounting solutions for nearly any […]

Amazon’s Choice

Amazon's Choice StrongPoles

We’ve all seen the badge, but it’s something different to actually be the chosen product for an Amazon facility. Amazon is building new facilities and updating the surveillance systems at AWS Data Centers. The architects in charge recognized the benefits that StrongPoles bring to any project and selected us to be the poles of choice. […]