Don’t be Responsible for Specifying a Faulty Product

Don't Specify a Faulty Product

Don’t be like the guy in this horrible stock photo. Don’t be responsible for specifying a faulty product. Save yourself a lot of stress and headache. When choosing the right security mounting equipment don’t settle for just any old pole or makeshift mounting assembly. StrongPoles has tried and true security mounting solutions for nearly any application you can think of; and if you can think of one we don’t have we can make it!

“When new products fail and cause damage, a claim against the design professional will inevitably follow. A recent lawsuit settlement, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc., et al v. Weyerhaeuser Company, et al, highlighted concerns that specifying new or untried materials and products (which are often the keystone of sustainable buildings) comes with unique risks.” (Victor Risk Management)

Unfortunately, security system design is often at the bottom of the list or an after thought and cameras are mounting on existing light poles or screwed to any available surface. StrongPoles was created because of this very reason. StrongPoles was founded by security camera professionals and engineers that were tired of seeing their equipment improperly mounted and then seeing project fail inspection or constantly receiving support calls that could have been avoided if the equipment had been installed correctly.

Whether your project is for an interior, exterior, or somewhere in between we have the security mounting solution.


For more information on our products and what you can expect from them give us a call 844-669-3537. If you are looking to include StrongPoles products in your next construction specification documents then head over to our Architects Resources page. You can also find us on ARCAT, SpecLink and MasterSpec / SpecPoint.