Fly-Over Camera Mount

Fly-Out PTZ Camera Mount

Dome Camera Mount

Panoramic/Dome Mount

Parapet Camera Mount

Corner Camera Mount

Universal Surface Mount System
SP-SPM-15 / SP-SPM30

A variety of stand-alone camera mounts is being developed by Strong Poles.

  • The PTZ Fly-Over Camera Mount
    The threaded pipe at the top is a common pipe with 1-1/2” NPT threads that will fit almost any pendant mount camera or other pendant type mounts made by: Axis, Bosch, Vicon, Pelco, CBC/Ganz, Avigilon, etc.
  • The PTZ Fly-Out Camera Mount
    Strong Poles has Designed a mount for a PTZ Camera (1-1/2” NPT Threaded pipe) or to fit our Panoramic Camera Mounting Box, that is designed to hold any camera with a screw-on attachment. The size of the threads are 1-1/2” NPT
  • Panoramic / Dome Camera MountStrong Poles has introduced a Panoramic Camera Mount designed to screw onto our stylish “Fly-Over / Fly-Out Camera Mounts”. This square mount can accommodate virtually any Panoramic or Dome camera on the market.
  • Corner Camera Mount
  • Strong Poles has designed an innovative new Corner Mount that not only gives you 3 different faces for camera mounting, and also gives you a handy junction box enclosure for wiring, POE injectors, lightning arrestors, etc.