Fly-Out PTZ Camera Mount

Stylish Bolt-On Mount for Pendant Mount PTZ Cameras

Fly-Out PTZ Mount (or Panoramic Camera Mount)

Strong Poles has designed a mount for a PTZ Camera (1-1/2” NPT Threaded pipe) or to fit our Panoramic Camera Mounting Box, that is designed to hold any camera with a screw-on attachment. The size of the threads are 1-1/2” NPT, but a reducer can be used to fit other sizes as well as a Female Coupler.


This stylish “Fly-Out” mount is designed to get the mounting arm a good distance away from the camera so that it does not block a large portion of the surrounding view.


The supplied 1-1/2” NPT pipe fits many common PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras and Panoramic Cameras. It can also be easily adapted for others.


This Fly-Out Mount can be combined with our Panoramic Camera Mounting box to provide a mount and drop-down service door for virtually any 360 or 180 degree Panoramic Camera.


Can Be Used With Many of Our Other Attachments.


This Fly-Out mount gets the camera away from the pole or mounting origin, such as a Wall Mount (see Wall Mount Adapter), or even out over a Parapet wall using our new “Surface Mount Short Poles (15” and 30” tall).


The Fly-Out can be pole mounted to provide up to 4 camera attachments. It can also be used on our new “Corner Mount” with up to 3 camera attachments.


The Fly-Out has many more uses than the FlyOver mount, and is a stylish way to mount PTZ, Dome or Panoramic cameras.

1-1/2″ Female NPT Coupler Included

Part# SP-1.5Coupler


Specifications Sheet

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Fly-Out Mount Dimensions

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Camera Pole Mounted Fly-outs


“Fly-Out” with Optional Panoramic Mount


Dual Fly-Outs mounted to the 8×10 Platform


Corner Mount with Fly-outs


Optional “Fly-Out” Wall Mount Adaptor

The Wall Mount Adaptor allows for the use of power tools to fasten to the substrait surface where using the orginal mounting hole would require time consuming hand tools.

Fly-Out Wall Mount Adaptor


Using Lag Bolts with Masonary Anchors


“Fly-Out” with Optional Wall Mount Adaptor