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The Only Engineered Solution to Solve Shaky Security Cameras

Keep Your Good Reputation

You spend countless hours perfecting your projects; ensuring you provide the best solutions to the problems your clients face. Keep your good reputation. Don’t settle for a repurposed light pole or make-shift mount in place of a purpose built security mounting solution. Is there anything better than a happy customer? We don’t think so. Our line of camera poles and security mounting options helps you keep your customers happy by eliminating frustrations caused by equipment failure and unusable, shaky camera footage.

Architects & Spec Writers All Over Are Specifying StrongPoles

From corporate giants to local business – From local schools to our nation’s capital, architects all over are specifying StrongPoles because they know that when it comes to stability and reliability StrongPoles are unmatched!

Will you be teh next to join the StrongPoles family?