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Don’t be Responsible for Specifying a Faulty Product

Don't Specify a Faulty Product

Don’t be like the guy in this horrible stock photo. Don’t be responsible for specifying a faulty product. Save yourself a lot of stress and headache. When choosing the right security mounting equipment don’t settle for just any old pole or makeshift mounting assembly. StrongPoles has tried and true security mounting solutions for nearly any […]

Ultra Stable Platforms that is what the 6×6 Junction Box and the 8×10 Mounting Platforms.

Let StrongPoles make it easy to install your electrical devices with our camera mounting platforms. Our Junction Boxes and Mounting Platforms are used for more than just cameras. The front faces on these platforms are large enough for devices like equipment cabinets, power supplies, transmitters, and antennas. This 8″ x 8″ x 10″ Bolt-On Mounting Platform, also […]

Security Poles By StrongPoles

Have you ever noticed the light poles and security camera poles in a shopping mall or any business nearby you? Most have rust, paint peeling off, swaying, and some are even leaning. Not very efficient, they look old and outdated, and more importantly, dangerous. Imagine a stable security pole, built from special aerospace aluminum and designed to […]

Security Camera Mounting Poles from Strong Poles

Security equipment dealers, integrators, and installers have found a purpose build pole that is finally available to mount their security cameras and other security devices on.   StrongPoles is not your average telephone pole or light pole, but purpose-built Security Camera Mounting Poles. Innovative poles with modular bolt-on accessories that make up a complete Security Mounting […]