Start Strong

We all know that a good foundation matters. In fact the Bible tells a story about a wise man that built his house upon a rock and a foolish man who built his house upon sand. Once the storm came only one hose was left standing.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go listen to some vegetables sing about it.

Security System Planning

Year after year StrongPoles remains the strongest choice you can make for your security mounting solutions. If you are building your security camera infrastructure you need to think like a building contractor and start strong. Start your security system planning strong with a solid foundation.

What do I mean by foundation? How you mount your cameras and other security equipment can often make or break the performance of your system. For instance, you may have the latest and greatest intelligent PTZ that can detect motion, track it, label it, catalog it, and make you a sandwich, but if you strap it to a shaky budget pole you’ll never get to experience all that camera can do for you. Too often poles and mounts are an after-thought and installers choose the cheapest thing they can get their hands on. Hey, we get it! Saving a buck is great but not if it causes you to hate your system and end up spending more in the long run trying to fix your mistakes.

We recommend spending time thinking about where and how you need to mount your equipment just as much as you think about what features you want in your cameras. Some questions to consider are: How high does the equipment need to be mounted? Does the camera come with any mounting hardware? Do I need to be able to access the camera to adjust settings? Will it the camera be in a high wind of high vibration.

Many sites already have light poles or utility poles and installers will repurpose them as camera poles which seems brilliant but there are many issues that can arise when this is done. Here is a video showing some of the issues you will run into by using light poles.

But like a house, you can have the best floors the latest and greatest appliances, smart lighting and coolest toilet that’ll sing you a song if you forget to put the seat down, they are only as good as their foundation. Our SteadyMax is the best but if it’s installed poorly you will not benefit from all that it can do for you. That’s why we created the Pole Foundation and Installation Guide.


Want Help?

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ask for help! We are happy to help you choose the right mounting equipment for your project. We understand the ins and outs, capabilities and limitations of today’s security equipment.

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