Quick & Easy way to mount Fly-Over or Fly-Outs to the top of any SteadyMax Pole or 4″ Square Pole


Available in Dark Bronze or White


Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal Mount


 Strong Poles new Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal is designed to bolt direct to the top of the SteadyMax or 4″ Camera Poles Polesto provide a quick PTZ camera Mount using the PTZ Fly-Over Mount or the PTZ Fly-Out.

Both Fly-Over & Fly=Out are available separately and come with the 1-1/2″NPT male threaded end or using a coupler can convert to 1-1/2″NPT female threads.

Included with every Pedestal kit is the Top Cap, 2 gaskets and stainless steel hardware is included to mount the pedestal to the pole.

Kit is available in Dark Anodized Bronze or White

Purchase the PTZ Fly-Out or PTZ Fly-Over Separately.


Pedistal With PTZ Fly-out SP-PTMFRO

flyover on pedestal 428x800 - Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal Mount

Pedistal with PTZ Fly-Over SP-PTM