Aluminum 5″ Direct Burial Pole

square aluminum camera or light pole

We have the alternative to composite poles, the Direct Burial 5inch Direct Burial Camera Pole.

Here are just a few benefits to using our Direct Burial Pole:

  • Eliminates the extra cost for a civil engineer, no need for them to design, spend time and money on construction or long term maintenance.
  • Eliminates the extra cost for the foundation with anchor bolts, and taking the chance of improper bolt projections or the possibility of inappropriate pouring/setting of the foundation.
  • Eliminates the time and expense it will take to grout, or use leveling shims, or double nuts for leveling the pole.
  • Eliminates the possibility of foundation and anchor bolt replacement in the event of a knockdown.

Allows simple future retrofits by eliminating the need to match an existing bolt circle.

The Direct Burial Pole ease of Installation is as follows:

Overall Pole Length             Burial Depth

12ft 15ft & 20ft                     4ft

25ft & 30ft                          5ft

  1. 1. Make The Hole: Hole should be round with smooth vertical sides consisting of undisturbed soil for best compaction and stability of poles. The diameter of holes should be about two times the diameter of the pole at its base. Holes should be hand dug or augured. For general burial depth consult the chart below:
  2. 2. Wire the Pole: Complete wiring utilizing approved methods.
  3. 3. Install the Pole: In many cases, aluminum poles can be manually lifted into place and inserted into the hole.
  4. 4. Level the Pole: Use a plumb bob or level to align the pole.
  5. 5. Back-fill the Hole: Concrete is the preferred back-fill material, brace pole until concrete sets.

The available colors are anodized bronze or powder coat white.

For more specifications on these Square Direct Burial Light Pole check out our website or contact one of our Sales Engineers here at StrongPoles toll-free 844-669-3537.