Antenna Mast (for Birdhouse)

Strong Poles is committed to providing additional options for wireless antennas and technologies. Installers have traditionally mounted antennas to existing light poles by any means possible. Still, they have encountered difficulties because the pole sometimes blocks part of the signal – especially for omnidirectional antennas. Most of these antennas are designed to quickly mount on a small 1″-2″ mast, and it is a challenge to adapt them to other mounting scenarios. Providing the antenna mast mount and getting these antennas in free air with no blocking structure is an advantage that speeds installations and increases height and signal coverage.

The 8X10 Mounting Platform Mast (or Birdhouse Mast), is also constructed with 1-1/2″ aluminum tubing and attaches with four bolts or self-driller screws to the blank side of the 8X10 Mounting Platform (Birdhouse) via 6×4″ plate that is 1/4″ thick.

This mast is 39″ long and rises 29″ above the edge of the Mounting Platform it attaches to. This mast can also hold the most massive parabolic antennas, multiple patch antennas if needed, or one or more Yagi antennas. Both ends of this mast come capped with weatherproof plastic cap inserts.

This mast is rigid and sturdy enough to hold even the most massive antennas without bending.

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