New Dual Height Keypad Pedestal

dual height keypad pedestal

New to StrongPoles and made in the USA, we now have keypad and reader pedestals. This Dual Height Keypad Pedestal has two face-plate brackets, one for cars and the other for 18 wheelers. The Dual Height Keypad Pedestal is made out of three-inch square tubing, the lower car face-plate center is 42 inches tall, and the upper truck face-plate center is 72 inches tall. It is easily installed for places like automatic gate entry and exit, parking lots, perimeter access applications. Stylish and sturdy enough for ground level, curb, or parking island applications.

The two faceplate brackets are made to accommodate devices like intercoms, keypads, entry/exit buttons, biometric readers, telephone entry systems, card readers, or other access control devices. Wiring is made easy thru the three-inch tubing, with universal hole patterns for mounting security products.

The Dual Height Keypad pedestal is designed to be pad mounted by using 3/8 to 1/2 concrete anchors, which is recommended but not included. The heavy-duty base plate has universal hole patterns and a sliding cover plate to hide the mounting bolts that secure the base. Color is thickly powder coated in a black hammered finish.

The Strong Pole Keypad and Reader Poles are Warrantied for five years for material and paint finish. MADE IN THE USA.

For more information on the keypad and reader pedestals, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free at 844-669-3537.