Fence posts are not made for security cameras or other devices.

Fence Guard

Fence posts are made for fencing, not security cameras or other devices. They can sway in the wind, and transmit sound or frequencies that could affect the performance of the cameras or other devices. So with that being said, we had our Engineer Team design a system just for the fence line. They develop the camera pole attachment we call the Fence-Guard to work with our SteadyMax series the Dual Hand Hole Poles.

The Fence-Guard is designed to aim cameras down a fence line in both directions (or even at corners), and can also hold a PTZ camera if needed. The installation is simple; it attaches to the pole with two large 5/8″ U-Bolt and pole clamps that lock to the pole and will not move. The attachment also uses strong gussts at the base to ensure that the attachment does not sway or have any movement. The two camera mount circles on each side of the end-mounted junction box (with gasket cover), are 6″ in diameter to allow almost any type of camera to be mounted (1-1/2″ access holes are pre-drilled in each disc to allow for cabling access). The PTZ mount is a 1-1/2″ NPT male connection (also comes with a joiner with set screws to allow male to male attachment), and we also have optional reducers to accommodate any PTZ’s that may have 1″ connections. A cover for the PTZ connection is provided if it will not be used. The junction box that is the structure that any cameras are mounted to is a 3″ x 6-1/2″ junction box that has a gasket cover that is screwed on. This provides a handy cavity to accomplish all the wiring and connections needed.

To find out more about how this camera pole attachment works with our SteadyMax series the Dual Hand Hole Poles, and more details on the Fence-Guard stop by our website or call one of our Sales Engineers here at StrongPoles toll-free 844-669-3537.