Finally, There Is A Purpose Built Security Camera Pole

Using SteadyMax Poles built for Security Cameras, solves a whole host of problems with using existing light poles and hose clamps for your Security Cameras, sensors and detectors. Whether wired or wireless, Strong Poles provide a purpose-built solution to your security installations. Designed & Engineered by Security Installers to fit any technology, any brand.  Security Camera Poles are long overdue in the making.   Built strong to provide a sturdy, steady Security Mounting Platform.

Strong Poles new “SteadyMax” poles builds the strongest security poles in the world. Built out of a special Aerospace Aluminum, these security poles are designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles. We are so confident that you will get a long lifetime of rust-free life from these super strong poles, that we back them with a 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty ( 3 Year finish and material warranty – all warranties are limited to replacement and/or repair). Currently, Strong Poles is building three main heights of our SteadyMax round, tapered Security Camera Poles:

Different Poles for Different Purposes

  • 12′ tall poles that are perfect for solar applications, and are also rated for 175 mph Hurricane conditions (Florida Pole).
  • 16′ tall poles for smaller parking lots, property perimeter and general purpose uses
  • 20′ tall poles for large parking areas, wide area surveillance and longer distance viewing
  • 25′ tall poles for lighting, long distance viewing, or lighting with cameras at a lower height (using our new wrap-around camera platform)

Strong Poles also has a complete line of smaller square poles for License Plate readers, toll cameras, bridge cameras, or rooftop mounts from 15″ tall up thru 12′ tall.  Ask Dale, our Sales Manager to quote exactly what you need for your project. These innovative poles and the modular bolt-on accessories that make up this complete Security Mounting System, have a number of features that have revolutionized the mounting of security cameras and all types of security-related devices. Come visit our website and see more about the new Strong Poles! The strongest security poles in the world!