Fly-Out PTZ Mount (or Panoramic Camera Mount)


Strong Poles has designed a mount for a PTZ Camera (1-1/2” NPT Threaded pipe) or to fit our Panoramic Camera Mounting Box, that is designed to hold any camera with a screw-on attachment. The size of the threads are 1-1/2” NPT, but a reducer can be used to fit other sizes as well.

This stylish “Fly-Out” mount is designed to get the mounting arm a good distance away from the camera so that it does not block a large portion of the surrounding view.

The supplied 1-1/2” NPT pipe fits many common PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras and Panoramic Cameras. It can also be easily adapted for others.

This Fly-Out Mount can be combined with our Panoramic Camera Mounting box to provide a mount and drop-down service door for virtually any 360 or 180 degree Panoramic Camera.

Can Be Used With Many of Our Other Attachments.

This Fly-Out mount gets the camera away from the pole or mounting origin, such as a Wall Mount (see Wall Mount Adapter), or even out over a Parapet wall using our new “Surface Mount Short Poles (15” and 30” tall).

The Fly-Out can be pole mounted to provide up to 4 camera attachments. It can also be used on our new “Corner Mount” with up to 3 camera attachments.

The Fly-Out has many more uses than the FlyOver mount, and is a stylish way to mount PTZ, Dome or Panoramic cameras.