Modular Tenon System

Vertical and Horizontal Lighting Tenon System

Strong Poles has an innovative Modular Tenon System for adding lights to the top of any Strong Poles camera poles.

These tenons can be added in the beginning, or at any time later (the pedestal is pre-drilled and capped for future additions).

You can even mix and match different tenon styles on the same pedestal.

Choose from one to 4 tenons and hang a light in minutes.

These 2-3/8” tenons (T-20 style) will fit any brand or style of light that has a tenon mount.

Strong Poles recommends our own LED Lights because they are ultra thin (less than 3 inches thick), and will not increase the shake of a SteadyMax pole.  These ultra thin lights were designed specifically to be used with cameras and SteadyMax poles.


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Double Lights
Double Lights Flyover PTZ
Double Lights