6″ x 6″ Junction Box

Used For 3/4” Conduit Fittings - Wiring Space – Mounting Small Devices

This handy bolt-on 6”x 6”x 4” Junction Box can be used in many different ways. It can be used simply as a junction box to give installers more room to make connections, connect Camera Surge Protectors inline, or even to nest a small POE Injector.


The outside faces can be used to mount IR Illuminators, Directional Antennas, small footprint cameras, Long Range Motion Detectors or other security devices that can fit on each 6”x 4” face.

See Connection Mounting examples


The Conduit Fitting access holes are standard 3/4” electrical knockout size (actual hole size = 1.125”), and any 3/4” Conduit fitting, Wire Gland or LiquidTite fitting can be installed (with a backer nut). These knockout sized holes come with weatherproof Heyco Knockout Hole Seals already installed.


This 6X6 Junction Box has 1/8” thick walls, so it is quick and easy to drill your own access holes or any bolt or screw holes that you need for mounting. In fact, you probably will not need to drill any holes at all because self-drilling screws work really well for mounting devices on this Junction Box, then your wiring can be routed through the nearest knockout by removing the Heyco Hole Seal and installing a 3/4” Cable Gland.

See ideas for platform use


This Bolt-On Junction Box can be used by itself on the pole as a junction box for cameras mounted below it, or you can mount small footprint cameras or other devices directly to it. It can also be combined with other Bolt-On Accessories to provide a complete Security Mounting Solution (see more ideas below).

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Junction Box With Cap


Junction Box Without Cap


Junction Box Components


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Gland Install Video

Junction Box
With Infrared Iluminators


Junction Box
With Camera


Junction Box
With Power Supply