Each month we select a few products to highlight. Check out this month’s superstar products!

Antenna Pole Mast Fly-Out

Wrap Around Mount

The Wraparound Mounting Platform for SteadyMax Camera Poles, lets installers choose the exact height they need for cameras, sensors or even antennas.

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5" Direct bury poles

Direct Bury Poles

Direct Buried Poles provide industry professionals with significant overall job savings. Strong Poles Aluminum Direct Buried Poles are the perfect solution to the high maintenance alternative of composite poles. Utilities, Developers and Contractors can benefit from the savings associated with the highest quality, longest-lasting and lowest maintenance.

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LED Area Lighting

The design of these LED Lights are manufactured especially for our SteadyMax poles so that they are low profile, lightweight and designed to be aerodynamic so that they don’t shake the pole.  They are also UL Listed, as well as CE Certified, and are low wattage for energy savings.

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