Finally, There Is A Purpose Built Security Camera Pole

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Using Strong Poles built for Security Cameras, solves a whole host of problems with using existing light poles and hose clamps for your Security Cameras, sensors and detectors. Whether wired or wireless, Strong Poles provide a purpose-built solution to your security installations. Designed by Security Installers to fit any technology, any brand. Security Camera Poles are long overdue in the making.   Built strong to provide a sturdy, steady Security Mounting Platform. Strong Poles builds the strongest security poles in the world. Built out of a special Aerospace Aluminum, these security poles are designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles. We are so confident that you will get a long lifetime of rust-free life from these super strong poles, that we back them with a 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty ( 3 Year finish and material warranty – all warranties are limited to replacement and/or repair). Currently, Strong Poles is building three main heights of our 4” Square Security Camera Poles:
  • 10′ tall poles that are perfect for license plate capture, gate and pedestrian entry/exits and facial recognition
  • 15′ tall poles for smaller parking lots, property perimeter and general purpose uses
  • 20′ tall poles for large parking areas, wide area surveillance and longer distance viewing
  • (30′ tall square 5” Poles can be built for special orders)
These innovative poles and the modular bolt-on accessories that make up this complete Security Mounting System, have a number of features that have revolutionized the mounting of security cameras and all types of security-related devices. Come visit our website and see more about the new Strong Poles! The strongest security poles in the world![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]