Top 3 Reasons NOT to Use a Repurposed Light Pole

1. Movement destroys motion analytics

2. High voltage can cause interference

3. Not designed for security devices


Many people try to repurpose light poles as security camera poles but, not all poles are created equal!


Light poles are often designed to sway and shake in the wind. A shakey pole equals useless video. The smallest amount of movement can destroy the visibility and usefulness of a zoom lens. Many of today’s security cameras employ smart analytics but, in order for these features to work, you must have a steady reliable base. That’s why you need a StrongPole!


Most of the light poles you may be tempted to use have high voltage wiring inside the poles that can cause unwanted interference with your security devices. Not to mention, the high voltage can cause serious damage to your equipment and/or severe injury to the installer.


Simply put, light poles make great light poles but make horrible security poles! If you want your equipment to operate properly you need a StrongPole.


What Makes StrongPoles so Great?

StrongPoles is the only engineered pole in the world designed specifically for security devices. StrongPoles is a part of the Rugged.Group family and if there is one thing we know its how to design the most durable, rugged security systems in the world and that mean we design the best poles and mounting platforms too! We sought out to provide the most ridged and reliable poles because we saw many of our customers installing security devices on repurposed light poles only to have their equipment fail, damaged or have the motion based analytics rendered useless.