SteadyMax Camera Poles

In our Camera poles line, we have the Steady Max series. The 20ft SteadyMax Security Camera Pole (SM20) is a round tapered pole and is approximately 8” O.D. at the bottom and tapers down to 6” O.D at the top of the pole where the attachment plate is. This pole is heavy wall (.156 thick) construction, using 6063-T6 Aluminum, and can be ordered in our usual White or Black (Dark Bronze) Powder Coat finishes. 

Our original pole is 20ft with only one hand hole 18in from the base, and the second style is a 20ft with two hand holes the same 18in up from the base with the other being 4ft from the top of the poles. 

These engineered camera poles also have a Factory-Installed Vibration Suppression System consisting of two different frequency dampeners that quell high and low-frequency vibrations, and oscillations may occur during the life of the pole. These vibrations, which are a natural phenomenon, and usually site-specific, are not due to any fault in the pole design, material, or workmanship, can be described like this:

  • First Mode Vibration: This is when you see the top of a pole shaking back & forth, similar to a diving board.
  • Second Mode Vibration: Occurs around the midpoint of a pole and acts more like a guitar string. 

The 20ft pole is our best-seller and is best suited for parking lots, wide-area surveillance, and long-distance applications. For more information on the security camera poles, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free at 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at