Strong Poles build the most robust security poles in the world!

Built out of a special Aerospace Aluminum, these 4″ Security Camera Poles are designed to reduce movement and shake, commonly found with many light poles. Using Strong Poles solves a whole host of problems with using existing light poles and hose clamps for your security cameras, sensors, and detectors. Whether wired or wireless, Strong Poles provide a purpose-built solution to your security installations. We are so confident that you will get a long lifetime of rust-free life from these super strong poles. We back them with a 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty (3 Year finish and material warranty – all warranties are limited to replacement and/or repair).

Currently, Strong Poles are building four main heights of our 4” Square Poles:

  • 5′ tall poles that are perfect for license plate cameras or even wall mounted
  •   8′ tall poles that are perfect for wall mounting, many other uses
  • 12′ tall poles that are perfect for license plate capture, gate and pedestrian entry/exits, and facial recognition

Here are just a few of the features that have made Strong Poles the Leader in the security industry:

  • Designed by Security Installers to fit any technology – any brand – Wireless or Wired
  • Patented “No-Welds” Technology yields more inherent strength than any other pole (35,000 psi yield strength)
  • Internal Corner Tubing Shafts molded-in – for even more strength (transfers all loading into the corners)
  • Made of a unique Aerospace Aluminum (6005-T5) that results in a lighter pole yet will support heavier loads
  • Baseplates utilize a 356 Aluminum Alloy that exceeds the Maximum Pole Loading – Unequaled Longevity
  • Each Strong Pole comes with a 2” x 4-1/2” Handhole opening for making connections to Power and any other topology, such as Coax, Cat5/6, Wifi, Fiber, etc.
  • Gasketed Handhole Cover fastened with Stainless Steel screws – No additional reinforcing is required,
  • Choice of colors Anodized Bronze or Powder Coat White

For information on our 4″ Security Camera Poles, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free at 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at