Common Problems With Mounting Security Cameras On Light Poles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mounting Security Cameras on lighting poles, parking lot poles or other poles, has been a major problem for years with both manufacturers and installers. Proper Security Camera Poles are designed for hanging all types of security cameras and devices, but most light poles are not. In fact, in most cities and environments, CCTV Equipment or any other devices are not permitted on the following street and area lighting poles:  
  • Decorative poles shorter than 25 feet
  • Square aluminum poles of any size
  • Wooden laminated poles of any size
  • Fiberglass poles of any size
  Even more importantly there are numerous other restrictions imposed by the EPA, ASSHTO, ASTM, and more. There are so many obstacles and stipulations, it just seems outrageous to try mounting your Security Cameras on just any pole. The poles sway, vibrate and bend, causing extremely shaky video. Also, many times the Security Camera is not as secure as it should be.   You also have the issue of drilling into a pole and trying to run your power and data lines in some sort of safe and orderly fashion. You certainly don’t want your Security Camera near any of these lighting poles high voltage output. This causes numerous problems to your video as well. Straps and buckles are required, and must be able to pass numerous city codes and inspections. There are minimum clearance and ground clearance regulations also.   You must leave room for utility crew access. Cameras must be mounted on a certain side of the pole. A minimum of two stainless steel straps must be used to secure the camera to the pole, and code regulates the minimum width, thickness and strength of said straps and buckles.   Heavy PTZ cameras and large cable access holes can compromise the strength of light poles. Often if you do purchase a light pole for security use, you must take it to a local welding shop and have modifications made in order for it to work well for supporting your Security Camera. Welding will weaken the original strength of the pole. The best option is to simply purchase a Security Camera Poles for your clients and projects.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]