The SP-R Mount BH & the SP-RR Mount Wrap.

PTZ camera platform

Here at StrongPoles, our engineers know that a sturdy, steady mount is needed for security cameras. That is where the development of these PTZ Camera platforms comes in to play. By using the 8X10 Mounting Platform (Birdhouse) or the Wrap-Around Platform with the RRMount, this gives the installer not only a sturdy, steady mount but also more room for other devices.

The SP-RRMountBH is the combination of the 8X10 Mounting Platform (Birdhouse) and an RRMount, that can be used with both our Classic 4″ Square Poles and our SteadyMax series of poles. With this mount, you have the ability to install your PTZ and any other three devices at the top of the poles. The Birdhouse mount has four mounting faces that are 8X8 in size; then you have the room inside the platform for all your wiring harness or any other connections you need to make.

The SP-RRMountWrap is the combination of the Wrap-Around Platform and the RRMount, designed to be used with the SteadyMax dual hand-hole series of poles. The wrap can be used at any height on the pole, install the PTZ on one of three sides and any other two devices. Holes are pre-drilled for the wiring harness, with the use of self-drilling screws you can mount other devices on the different two sides.

The 8X10 Mounting Platform (Birdhouse) and the Wrap-Around Platform are available in dark bronze or white, but the RRMount is only available in off-white.

To help with more information on these PTZ camera platforms contact one of our Sales Engineers here at StrongPoles toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website.