24″ PTZ Mount / Flourish (or Panoramic Camera Mount)

PTZ Mount

Design to be a bolt-on attachment for the 4inch Classic Square Poles at any level you choose with no other accessories required or to be used with the Fly-Out/Fly-Over Pedestal Mount at the top of our SteadyMax series of poles. The 2ft PTZ Mount with or without flourish is another attachment that can be used to install pan tilt zoom cameras. This PTZ camera mount attachment can be used with the poles or as a stand-alone piece.

Several attachments can be combined with the 2ft PTZ camera mount, use with the corner mount from our stand-alone series, to give you more mounting surfaces for all the devices. From the pole series of attachments, we have the Fly-Out/Fly-Over Pedestal, the Panoramic/Dome Mount, the Dome Camera Mount, or even the Birdhouse or say the Junction Box to give you space for the wiring harness. All three of our pole series will work with the 2ft PTZ Mount, Universal Surface Mount System, the 4″ Classic Square Poles or the SteadyMax series of Poles.

Like all of our attachments, this one is just as sturdy for mounting the PTZ and keep the camera steady. The bolt plate is made out of 3/16-inch aluminum that is 6-inches in length. The arm is made out of 2-inch square tubing that is 2-foot long. The drop where you install your PTZ is 5 1/4-inches down and is 1 1/2-inches around.

Our bolt-on attachments are not only stylish but steady and sturdy to install those devices that should not move around. For more information on this PTZ Camera Mount, please contact one of our Sales Engineers here at StrongPoles toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website.