SteadyMax 12ft Florida Camera Pole

StrongPoles has designed a camera pole to pass the Florida building code 2017 specifications for a 190 MPH wind speed. This 12′ SteadyMax Pole is the strongest, most rigid pole we have ever made. This incredible SteadyMax Pole can carry a full load of cameras, cabinets, sensors, and antennas, yet still maintains our proprietary 3% […]

Eliminates the cost of removing the existing foundation.

We have your solution to save on time, material, and labor when replacing your existing security camera pole with one of ours. The Light Pole Adapter is the answer with this kit; there is no need to spend the extra money, labor, or time removing the existing concrete foundation. The adapter will accommodate foundation bolt […]

Are you using our anchor baskets?

It is essential when installing our poles to use our security camera pole anchor basket systems. You want your pole to stay standing for years to come. You have to have the proper foundation, and that starts with the foundation.  The SteadyMax series of poles come with the anchor baskets. For the 25ft and 20ft […]

Vibration Suppression Systems

What makes our security camera poles so rigid and steady in any wind condition? We here at StrongPoles install two separate Vibration Dampener Systems in our SteadyMax Poles that work to stop both modes of vibration in their infancy.   Typically when you think of a pole shaking in the wind, it is from very high […]

We here at like it when customers share their pictures with us.

Today we would like to say thank you to a few of our customers who took the time to share their photos with us on how they use our products like the security camera poles and top mount accessories.  The first one is where the customer used the Surface Mount Pole and Plate on the […]

Light poles were simply not designed for security applications.

Why StrongPoles for your camera poles? Mounting security cameras on light poles, parking lot poles, or other poles, has been a significant problem for all equipment dealer, integrator or installer. Most cities impose restrictions on installing CCTV equipment or any other devices on those types of poles. Along with the poles, themselves sway, vibrate and […]

Low Profile LED Lighting.

When purchasing Parking Lot LED Lights, not only do you want it to be energy efficient but also low profile, lightweight, and designed to be aerodynamic. We are providing Super-Efficient LED parking and area lighting for our SteadyMax poles so that our customers can have lights and cameras on the same steady rigid pole. They […]