Camera and Multimedia Ceiling Mounts

Installing surveillance equipment inside a warehouse can be challenging at best, but here at Strong Poles, our engineers have developed five different types of camera and multimedia ceiling mounts to help accomplish this. With these components, you can design your suspension system, or with the help of our Engineer team, we can put something together for you. 

Here are your choices: 

Pendant Type Ceiling Mount: This cast aluminum type of mount, when used alone, comes complete with concrete anchors if you attach your suspension components to a concrete ceiling. You can source some lag screws if you will be securing these to a wood beam. Ideally, this mount would be bolted to a steel plate or beam with bolts. This type is limited to suspending 200lbs total weight. 

Egyptian Type Ceiling Mount: can be used in many ways, such as attach it to an existing piece of a strut, use with lag bolts to attach it to a wood beam, or bolt it onto a steel plate or beam. This mount is limited to suspending 250lbs total weight. 

Beam Clamp with Egyptian Mount attached:  This beam clamp uses the steel Egyptian ceiling mount, which holds a little more weight (250lbs) than the pendant type. This quick-attachment will make mounting pipe and suspension components quick and easy. These beam clamps use a 14in long section of Strong Strut and come complete with two beam clamps that can accommodate any beam up to 11in wide. 

Beam Clamp with Pendant Mount attached: This quick-attachment beam clamp with a cast aluminum pendant mount will suspend a total weight of 200lbs. This mount will make a long section of Strong Strut and come complete with two beam clamps that can accommodate any beam up to 11 inches wide. 

Pipe or Conduit Clamp with Egyptian Mount Attached: These innovative aluminum clamps allow you to utilize any heavy-duty pipe or conduit in the facility to start a short chain of suspension components quickly. Be very careful that the pips or conduit you are attaching will support the total weight you will hang from it. A thick wall or schedule 80 pipe is better. Pipe clamps will attach to any pie or conduit between 1-1/2in and 2-1/2in outside diameter (OD). The total weight of all suspended equipment should not exceed 200lbs. 

For more information on the camera and multimedia ceiling mounts, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free at 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at