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Pipe Drop with 1.5″ to 1.5″ Double Alum Pipe Coupler w/ 2 Set Screws

Pipe Drop with 1.5″ to 1.5″ Double Alum Pipe Coupler w/ 2 Set Screws Why use plastic pipe when you can use Indoor Suspension Mount Pipe Sections from StrongPoles. Made out of Alloy 6061, the standard structural alloy is popular for medium to high strength requirements and has good toughness characteristics. We first introduce the product for […]

Fence-Guard Mount (Part # SP-SMFG)

 A popular camera pole attachment is the Fence-Guard Mount, designed to aid in video analytics down fences or property lines. Surveillance Camera Systems today have functions like motion or tamper detection, face recognition, video tracking, and much more. Ensure you have a solid, steady, and rigid mount that works efficiently without lots of movement from the pole […]

8″ Square Pedestal for Pole Top

Mounting security devices to the top of the Steady Max or the 4″ Classic Square Pole made easy with the bolt-on top-mount pedestal. They come in three different styles depending on the device you are installing. They are made for small to extra-large format Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, Thermal Cameras, Beacons, Strobe Lights, and other security […]

“Drill into our Cam Blox, and not your Clients’ facility.”

When you are not permitted to drill holes in concrete tilt-wall structures or drill into the beams at the ceiling, we give you an option with an Indoor Camera Mounting Solutions: three Cam Blox sizes and three ways to install depending on the type of ceiling or wall. They are available in 3 different sizes to […]

Side Mount Platform (part# SP-PACM)

Here at Strong Poles, we make aluminum products for the purpose of install electrical devices. The Side Mount Platform (part # SP-PACM) is used inside and outside to provide a stable flat camera mounting platform. A do-it-yourself mount will accommodate domes, bullets, panoramic cameras, or other devices for easy installation. The Mounting Surface measures 6-1/2″ x […]