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Gooseneck Keypad & Reader Pedestals

Access control pedestal for keypads and touch-less readers, no matter what you call them, they are popping up everywhere. Homes, apartment complexes, storage facilities, commercial and private driveways, and office building these places all use our Gooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestals. Installers know that our products are made here in our factory in Texas, from quality material for equipment and devices like gate openers, access controls, parking controls, and traffic equipment.   


Gooseneck Keypad & Reader Pedestqls

Keypad and Reader Stands Available in our Gander

Our Gooseneck Pedestals come in Curb Mount, Pad Mount, and Direct Bury. In heights of 36 inches (Curb mount), 42 inches (Pad Mount), 48 inches (Pad Mount), and 66 inches (Direct Bury) (2 foot bury and 42 inches above ground).

Aluminum parts

All of the Curb and Pad Mount Pedestals are made from shafts that are 1-1/2 inch aluminum pipe (1.9” OD / .145 wall thickness). All heights are to the center of the faceplate. The faceplate is a 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 plate (3/16 inch thick) with universal slots to fit most devices. The base plate is a 5 x 5 plate (1/4 inch thick) with universal slots; we recommend using 3/8 to 1/2 concrete anchors, and they are not included. There is a cover for the base plate. From the faceplate to the bend is 13 inches. 

The Gooseneck Direct Bury Model is also made from the same 1-1/2 aluminum pipe with a few pieces added. The weld on is the anti-turn paddles, and a below-ground wire gland can handle numerous wires (example: up to 3 or 4 CAT cables). 

Curb Mounted 36” Model (part # SP-CMP36)

The Gooseneck Curb Mount 36 inch model is made shorter than the regular 42 inch Car Height Model for when the car is at street level and the reader is mounted at the curb. 

Pad Mounted 42” Model (part # SP-PMP42)

The Gooseneck Pad Mount 42 inch Model is usually standard for the height of a single keypad model that is between car and pickup height.

Pad Mounted 48” Model (part # SP-PMP48)

The Gooseneck Pad Mount 48 inch Model height is usually standard for pickup trucks.

66” Direct-Burial Keypad Pedestal

The Gooseneck Direct-Burial Keypad Pedestal 66 inch Model is made for those places to install in the dirt. Design to buried 2 feet and have 42 inches above ground the usually standard for the height of a single keypad model that is between car and pickup truck height. 

*Keypad and other devices are not included*

Color Available 

The Gooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestals come in one color: thickly powder coated in a black hammered finish. 


The Gooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestals Strong Pole Keypad and Reader Poles are Warrantied for five years for material and paint finish. MADE IN THE USA. 

Share your Pictures

We have given you a few ideas of what you can do with theGooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestalsnow, we would love to see what creative ways you have installed or what you have added to our products and how you have used them. We have customers that have used our products in ways we have not thought of yet. It is nice to be able to get ideas from our customers. 


The Gooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestals can be ground shipped by UPS or FedEx ground. Shipping weights of 7lbs to 11lbs and with the package, the dimensions of 45x13x13, 50x13x13, and 60x13x13 inches make it simple to ship after your order. We are not limited to ground shipping; your order may go freight line or HotShot when ordering for a big installation job. We can also ship outside of the USA.

Contact us for shipping rates.  

Code Compliance

When installing the Gooseneck Keypad and Reader Pedestals, check your local code compliance officer for the correct installation guidelines and any permits you may need. Checking with the code compliance officer will save you time and money; your customer wants the job done right the first time. 

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