PTZ Camera Arm Mount

or Panoramic Camera Mount


Strong Poles has designed a mount for a PTZ Camera (1-1/2” NPT Threaded pipe) or to fit our Panoramic Camera Mounting Box, that is designed to hold any camera with a screw-on attachment. The size of the threads are 1-1/2” NPT, but a reducer can be used to fit other sizes as well as a Female Coupler.

The supplied 1-1/2” NPT pipe fits many common PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras and Panoramic Cameras. It can also be easily adapted for others.

This arm takes your Cameras and attachments out to 2 feet from the Pole.  It can be added to any 4″ Square Pole, or to any SteadyMax Pole with a Pedestal Mount.

It can also be used “stand-alone” as a Wall-Mounted Accessory as well (no pole at all). The Flourish scroll is optional, and dresses up this mount when used indoor or outdoor.

Will support any PTZ or Accessories that fit onto the 1-1/2″ NPT fitting.  Very stable.

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Camera Pole Mounted Fly-outs

2ft Arm Flourish

1-1/2″ Female NPT Coupler Included

Part# SP-1.5Coupler