Strong Strut Mounting Bar with Egyptian style 1-1/2″ NPT pipe drop fitting

Strongpoles are the leaders in outdoor accessories – and – now we are bringing you the NEW INDOOR MOUNTING and SUSPENSION with many “NO DRILL” options. 

The speaker mounting bars with the threaded Egyptian style pipe drop fitting are perfect when you need to suspend something at a certain height. They are available in a single Strong Strut section and double Strong Strut sections, and available in two different sizes 8″ and 16″. 

This mounting bar is perfect for mounting inside or outside big-box stores, industrial factories, military bases, churches, or restaurants. They are generally used in pairs on larger and longer boards, metal sheets, or plastics, to install surveillance equipment, sound systems, or other devices and accessories. 

The weight limited when mounting something to this mounting bar with the Egyptian style threaded pipe drop attachment, for the 8″ single is 50lbs and the 8″ double is 100lbs and the 16″ single is 100lbs and the 16″ double is 200lbs. 

Each threaded Egyptian style pipe drop fitting has 2 set screws that must be locked after tightening and positioning. This keeps any threaded connections from coming apart from vibration or twisting, such as with a rapidly changing PTZ camera. 

For more information on the speaker mounting bar with the Egyptian style pipe drop fitting, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our web site at