Strong Strut Mounting Bars

With Pipe Clamp Attachment

StrongPoles are the leader in outdoor mounting accessories and now bring you the NEW Indoor Mounting and Suspension. 

 These Mounting Bars with the Pipe Clamp Attachment are perfect when you need to suspend something from a pipe or conduit. They are available in single Strong Strut sections and double Strong Strut sections. 

All of our versatile Mounting Bars are the same length, no matter the attachment type. The small-sized Mounting Bars are on an 8″ long section of Strong Strut, and the large-sized Mounting Bars are on a section of Strong Strut that is 16″ long.

 You can mount almost anything to these mounting bars, like camera installation equipment, cabinet enclosures, and for bigger equipment mount wood first than your devices. If the device, cabinet, wood section, or enclosure is small enough, you may only need one Mounting Bar. However, some wider pieces or bigger enclosures may need two Strut Sections for stability. Many end-users mount boards or plywood to these to give them a platform for mounting other types of devices. 

  The weight limits when mounting something to this type of Mounting Bar (with the Pipe Clamp attachment), the 8″ single is limited to 50 pounds, or 100 pounds total if using the two Strut Section model. The 16″ single can hold 100 pounds or 200 pounds overall when using the two Strut Model.

NOTE ABOUT TOTAL WEIGHTS – Ensure that the Pipe or Conduit you are attaching these Mounting Bars to – HAVE THE ABILITY TO HOLD THAT MUCH WEIGHT. If you are attaching to thin wall pipe or conduit, they cannot carry that much weight. Use common sense when deciding how much weight your pipe or conduit can safely hold. These Clamps can hold much more weight than any thin wall pipe or conduit can sustain.

Need more information about our NEW Mounting Bar with the pipe clamp attachment, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at