Best Way to Install a PTZ Camera

Fly-Out Fly-Over PTZ Mount

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ) are becoming more popular, and installing these cameras with a stable, stylish, and functional mount is essential for surveillance. Our engineers here at StrongPoles designed these two PTZ camera pole accessories, and they have become very popular for installing PTZ cameras. 

The Fly-Over gets its name because it puts the PTZ over the wall or a pole, where the Fly-Out puts the PTZ out from the wall or a pole. Both are constructed from sturdy 2-inch aluminum tubing and are strong enough to hold a heavy pendant mount PTZ camera but are also stable enough to avoid shaking from high winds. 

The mounting plate for both is made from 3/16 inch thick aluminum with a hole in the middle for running the wiring harness thru the tube and two bolt holes on either side for mounting (bolt kit include). 

For installing the PTZ, the threaded pipe at the top is a standard pipe that is a 1-1/2 inch NPT thread that fits most pendant mount cameras; if need be, a reducer can be used to fit other sizes of pendant mount cameras. 

The PTZ camera can turn 360 degrees around, and you do not want anything to block your view of the video or picture; these two PTZ camera mounts are designed to get the arm a reasonable distance away from the camera so that it does not block a large portion of the surrounding view. 

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