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8″ Square Pedestal (for Pole Top)

Strong Poles has responded to installers asking for top mount pedestals to mount small and large format PTZ cameras, Thermal cameras, Beacons or Strobe Lights, and other security devices. In response, we have introduced three bolt-on top-mount pedestals that will allow mounting of any top-mount PTZ camera or security device. The Square top-mount Pedestal has an 8” square […]

8 X 10 Mounting Platform (Birdhouse)

Birdhouse 8 X 10 Mounting Platform This 8” x 8” x 10” Bolt-On Mounting Platform, also known by our Dealers as “The Birdhouse,” has been used in many different ways, but is designed to provide four long, broad mounting faces for large, heavy PTZ Cameras, Equipment Cabinets, Power Supplies, Transmitters and Antennas and a myriad of Security Detectors, Sensors, […]

6×6 Junction Box

This handy bolt-on accessory is a 6”x 6”x 4” Junction Box that can be used in many different ways. It can be used merely as a junction box to give installers more room to make connections, connect camera surge protectors inline, or even to nest a small POE injector. The outside faces can be used to mount […]

5′ Reacher

SteadyMax Pole Attachment Designed to reach out over a property line or fence When monitoring beyond a fence line, just over a property line or beyond a building, it is vitally important that the cameras be as steady as possible for the camera analytics or motion detection to work efficiently without a lot of errors […]

2 Ft Arm with Dual Gussets

2 Ft Arm with Dual Gussets (& Optional Flourish) Here at StrongPoles, we have more than one way to install your Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras. Camera Mounting Systems made for easy installation and stylish look and took the place of the old ways of installing those surveillance devices.  This arm takes your cameras and attachments out to […]