Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal

The Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal is designed to bolt directly to the top of the SteadyMax or 4″ Camera Poles to provide a quick PTZ camera Mount using the PTZ Fly-Over Mount or the PTZ Fly-Out.

Both Fly-Over & Fly-Out are available separately and come with the 1-1/2″NPT male threaded end or using a coupler can convert to 1-1/2″NPT female threads.

The Tenon Mounting Pedestal is designed to bolt directly to the top of the SteadyMax or 4″ Camera Poles to provide a mounting pedestal with four sides/mounting positions. This gives you a multitude of configuration choices. For example, you can mount two lights to it (with Light Tenons), one or more Bullet Camera Mounts, One or more Fly-Outs, or a single Fly-Over, The 2 Foot Camera Arm, and lots of other possibilities.

This Pedestal Mount is high strength and provides an ideal mounting pedestal for all types of accessories that use our 2-Bolt design mounting plate.

Included with every Pedestal kit is the Top Cap, two gaskets, and stainless steel hardware is included to mount the pedestal to the pole.

The kit is available in Dark Anodized Bronze or White.

To get more information on the bolt-on accessory, contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 844-669-3537 or stop by our website at