One Pedestal Mount many ways to use it.

pole top attachments

When our engineers are designing accessories for the two different pole series we have, they take the time to understand what the customer is looking for. Case in point when talking about the Pedestal Mount, this mount can be used with both series of poles (4″ Classic Square Poles and SteadyMax Pole).

The Pedestal Mount stands just less than 8″ tall with top cap and 4″ wide. You have useable mounting surfaces on all four sides. We have pre-drilled holes for bolts or screws and to give access for the wiring harness to be fed thru. There are several other accessories that can be used with this mount.

We use the Pedestal Mount in a system we call the Modular Tenon System, in that system, there are Vertical and Horizontal Lighting Tenons that attach to the side of the pedestal. (All parts are sold separately.) Customers have purchased these pieces to install LED lighting for the top of the poles. You can even mix and match different tenon styles on the same pedestal.

The other system is the Fly-Out / Fly-Over Pedestal Mount. (All parts are sold separately.) This system provides a quick way for you to install your PTZ cameras at the top of the pole with little to no obstruction blocking the view of the camera.

You can also mix all four pieces on the pedestal mount to install LED lighting and PTZs all on top of the pole.        

To get more information on this pole top attachment, stop by our website or call one of our Sales Engineers here at StrongPoles toll-free 844-669-3537.