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4” Classic:
• 5′ tall poles that are commonly used for license plate recognition, machinery monitoring, and other applications where it is important to be down on the same level with the area, machine or vehicle that is being monitored.
• 8′ tall poles parks and pedestrian areas, gates, entry/exit points, etc.
• 12′ tall poles are one of our largest sellers. These are used for just about any purpose IMAGINABLE AND are at an excellent height for Facial Recognition and LPR.

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SteadyMax Series Camera Poles:

• 12′ Florida pole for areas that require a wind Load rating up to 190 MPH.
• 12′ Solar & Wireless Poles for use with solar panels and/ or wireless equipment.
• 16′ tall poles that are our best sellers, and are best suited at an ideal height for most surveillance and security applications, such as License Plate Recognition, gates and pedestrian entry/exit points, etc.
• 20′ tall poles that are perfect for parking lots, wide area surveillance and long-distance applications.
• 25′ tall poles for longer distances and applications where greater height is needed.
These innovative poles and the modular bolt-on platforms and accessories that make up this complete Security Mounting System, have a number of features that have revolutionized the mounting of security cameras and all types of security-related devices. Here are just a few of the features that have made Strong Poles the Leader in the security industry:
• Designed by Security Installers to fit any technology – any brand – Wireless or Wired Cameras
• Our new SteadyMax Poles are the strongest, most Rigid Poles we make!
• More Rigidity – Less Camera Shake in high winds
• All Attachments and Lighting Tenons are also aluminum
• Tilt-Over Baseplates (for 4” poles only) with the same features are also available
• Each Strong Pole comes with a Handhole opening for making connections to Power and any other topology, such as Coax, Cat5/6, Wifi, Fiber, etc.
• Gasketed Handhole Cover fastened with Stainless Steel screws – No additional reinforcing is required
• All internal fasteners are JS-500 Plated and are 500 Hour Salt Spray Tested – All External Fasteners are Stainless Steel
• Each Strong Pole is pre-treated before anodizing and powder coating with a unique Four Stage Chromate Conversion process that smooth’s and etches the surface
• Excellent Weather Resistance – No Rusting – Amazing 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty
• Strong Poles are designed to need minimal maintenance In coastal and salt air environments
Our ‘Minimum Maintenance’ designs, fabrication and finishes provide maximum protection from defects and corrosion.
• Optional Pre-Built Anchor Cage with all hardware and replaceable mounting studs – includes hot-dipped galvanized anchor cage with pre-installed positioning plate, washers and hex nuts.

Camera Pole Junction Box
Axis Security Camera Pole
Camera and pole
hurricane proof pole
Modular Acessory Platform Indoor Pole

Modular Accessory Platform

Multi-Purpose 8x8x10 PTZ Box

Now Strong Poles has gone Indoors as well
Our New Indoor Mounting & Suspension Systems are revolutionizing the way Dealers, Integrators and End Users mount cameras and other devices in Commercial facilities.
Hundreds of NO DRILL Solutions
Strong Poles has designed a Huge array of new products that allow you to install almost anything in your Clients’ facility, without drilling holes, in many cases.
These new products are perfect for for:
Big Box Retail Stores – Industrial – Military – Churches – Restaurants
(Any Building with Beams and/or Piping/Conduit)
These indoor aluminum pipes, mounts and accessories are all Made In The USA, and are perfect for mounting Cameras, Projectors, Speakers, TV’s, Wireless  and many other devices in Commercial and Industrial facilities.
Our New Indoor Mounting and Suspension Products (IMS), are super easy to employ, and within minutes you can have a platform to mount cameras (CamBlox), or a suspension mount, or even our New Strong Strut Mounting Blocks that will allow you to mount virtually anything.  There are so many combinations that are only limited to your imagination.  In fact, we are sure there are hundreds of combinations and uses that we haven’t thought of yet.  Let us know how you use the components, and we will reward novel combinations with $100 Store Credit coupons.
indoor mounting suspensions


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